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Friday, April 16, 2021

Homebrew Lives! TWENTY N6QW Simple SSB Transceivers Under Construction in Northern Virginia

IF strip by Don KM4UDX

This has to be one of the most successful of SSB group-build projects.  Dean KK4DAS has been leading 20 members of the Vienna Wireless Society in the construction of N6QW's Simple SSB Transceiver, with Dean's "Furlough 40" additions.  This is very FB, and very encouraging.  Dean clearly has The Knack.  Just two winters ago I was smuggling a 3.579 MHz crystal to Dean for use in a Michigan Mighty Mite.  He has clearly made a lot of progress.  
Dean writes: 
It has been just over a year since I completed my initial build of the Furlough 40 with much coaching and assistance from Pete. Mike and Don are two out of 20  members of the Vienna Wireless Society Makers group that is working on a group build the SimpleSSB project as enhanced by me to include features like CAT control for digital modes.  Beginning about six weeks ago the group is progressing module by module per SolderSmoke best practice advice.  We started with the audio amplifier, followed that with the Arduino/SI-5351 based controller module and the builders are just completing the IF module.  This week at our weekly meeting, Mike proudly showed off his success.  


Read all about it, and see some really great videos here:  

Leon NT8D's Front Panel

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