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Saturday, April 24, 2021



Exactly what we've been saying about Drake 2-Bs and copies of SSDRA!  


  1. Great company, really-fabulous engineering, very-nice old-style illustration, but a stupid advertisement. What kind of "investment" returns only "an important *part*" of its value? Maybe some pipe-smoking mid-level-executive type would fall for it (along with the desk it's on), but it'd be transparent as glass to his wife. Now, copies of SSDRA--that's a *real* investment. At least once a month I troll through thrift stores hoping clueless donors and store employees have shelved either SSDRA or EMRFD in the cooking-hobbies-sewing section. Nothing yet, but my ship will come in soon. As Edison said, "persistence alone is omnipotent." --Todd K7TFC


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  3. I scored my SSDRA in a recent ARRL annual auction, and it only costs me $20. Strangely enough, nobody else bid on it.

    Couldn't believe my luck.


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