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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Remastered! The Secret Life of Radio -- With Updated Comments from Tim Hunkin

Thanks to Stephen 2E0FXZ for alerting us to this important video. 
We first posted about the original many years ago.  We were delighted to learn that they have remastered the video and added 10 minutes of retrospective commentary from Tim Hunkin.  

Here are some of my reactions after watching the updated version:
-- The Marconi videos were amazing.   I actually met Elettra at a diplomatic reception in Rome.  
-- I was pleased to learn that Marconi was trying to "call up" Mars.  FB OM. 
-- My son Billy and I sat in that same Royal Institution auditorium where, 100 years before, Oliver Lodge had demonstrated spark gap technology. 
-- Tim's comment on the connection to supernatural beliefs was right on the mark.  We found out that the house we lived in in London was a center for occult beliefs and practices. 
-- Those square lantern batteries brought back fond childhood memories. My first power supplies.
-- The Rexophone -- used by Rex. 
-- Very cool of Tim to homebrew a coherer.  Extra credit for that.
-- One of the capacitors looks familiar.  EF Johnson? 
-- I agree with Tim -- crystal radios are a must-build for true radio hams.  And do it with galena and a cats whisker. 
-- Finally, the RCA ad introduces a term we might want to surreptitiously enter into the Enhanced SSB lexicon:  That "Golden Throat" sound.   

1 comment:

  1. Great video! Thank you Bill for posting it.

    I was pleased to hear "73" when Marconi was calling Mars.

    I agree with Tim that it is sad that to a large extent fiber optics, wire, etc. have replaced the "magic" of radio waves coming through the air. It was the "magic" of radio waves that led me to ham radio some 53 years ago. I still marvel when reflecting on working DX using a simple wire in the trees. It was "magic" a half century ago, and it still is "magic" today.

    Thanks again Bill.
    73, John W2FV


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