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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Rick Campbell KK7B at FDIM: Interview #5 by Bob Crane W8SX


Having recently been involved in an effort to teach students about radio electronics, I found Rick's comments especially interesting.  

At FDIM,  he and his daughter were presenting a hidden transmitter hunt using rigs and Yagis at 432 MHz.  This was in part the result of his students having wanted to do something new with ham radio.  It was very impressive that the students had done this all with gear that they had built themselves.  Rick also made sure that they all learned how to solder.   

Rick ended the interview with a nice shout-out to SolderSmoke. 

Here is the interview: 


And here is a paper Rick did on VHF.  It is a bit old, but it is good.  


 Thanks Rick!  Thanks Bob! 

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