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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The Wizard of Kerala (India) -- Denny VU2DGR -- SDR and HDR

His signal was just booming in on 20 meter SSB yesterday evening.  It was one of the strongest signals I've heard from India.  I wasn't able to get through the pileup, but I heard mention of a homebrew station at his end...  Sure enough a look at his QRZ.com site shows that a LOT of solder has been melted in his shack.  Both SDR and HDR stuff.  Tube projects including an 807 amplifier made from "components collected from the scrapyard." And a homebrew 20 meter Moxon.  Check it out: 

FB Denny!

Kerala is on the southwest tip of India.  It is something of a hotbed of technological innovation.  My only Indian contact using my current series of homebrew dual-banders was with VU3TPW -- Renju is also in Kerala. 


  1. That gentleman has some serious skills!
    de G4WIF

  2. Actually my good friend Ken K4NMG who lives two miles from me here in Orlando with a Yagi and 1KW worked this guy Sunday on 14.255MHZ @ 1130Z and sent me an email right afterward reporting that the fellow was homebrew with 130 watts but I have never heard India on my dipole, and if my 10W was ever heard there I do not know if my heart could handle the shock.

  3. Congratulations dear Denny de vu2phd

  4. Denney is our hero! De VU2XMX

  5. Congratulations Denny de sarath vu2rs


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