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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Ham Radio Workbench: Stuffing Digital Stuff Into Poor Old Boatanchors

Let me start by saying that I LIKE Ham Radio Workbench.  But I found a lot in the current edition that I disagreed with.  The whole panel seems to be chuckling at the older gear.  And the guest is from... Flex radio.   So what do you expect?  The title was "Radio Rejuvenation" -- I expected something different.  I thought we'd hear more about how to get old tube radios going.  Instead, the  focus seems to have been on how to take an old radio and stuff an RTL dongle, or a Raspberry Pi, or a Flex radio in there.  Yuck.  

At one point they are laughing at old magic eye tubes!  They wonder if there is a digital way of recreating this tube in digital form.  Sorry fellows, that has already been done: 


Even an analog guy like me spotted that one. 

Here is the show:  


But hey, like I always say:  To each his own.  I'm sure many people like this approach.  It is just not for me. 

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