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Sunday, July 7, 2024

Will KI4POV on QSO Today with Eric 4Z1UG

I really liked Eric's interview with Will KI4POV:  


Will has appeared on this blog and podcast before: 


There were a lot points in Eric's interview with Will that resonated with me: 

-- Will told about how his very understanding and perceptive wife KNOWS when a homebrew project is not going well.  Yea, we have the same situation here!

-- Will mentions the wisdom of Wes Hayward, Doug Demaw, and Pete Juliano.  

-- Eric mentioned that there is a bit of his own blood in most of his homebrew projects. One slip of he screwdriver is often enough.  My projects also often have a bit of my A+ in them.  This adds soul to the new machine. 

-- Will spoke of S-38s and HW-8s.  I have both these devices here with me in the Dominican Republic. I  have used both of them here.

-- Will mentioned the magic that comes when you listen with a receiver you built yourself.  Yes. 

-- NanoVNA.  Yes, very useful.  

Lots more great stuff in this interview.  Thanks Eric and thanks Will. 


  1. An enjoyable podcast for sure. Did you hear Eric recognise the si5351 when Mike mentioned it? Also Eric's format is slightly shorter and more focused, a good listen.

  2. Certainly one of the better podcasts,
    but it does support my hypothesis
    that most homebrewers rarely operate
    their creations. Maybe if he gave POTA
    a good try he would find operating more


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