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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sputnik Schematic Found!

We were searching for this last year.  Oleg, RV3GM, finally found the schematic for the transmitter in the Sputnik satellite. 


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  1. Now, if we can just get a translation of the magazine text to go with the schematic! Thanks, Bill and many thanks to you, Oleg for making this schematic available. From the date of the publication, I just hope that the tradition of April Fool's Day is not prevalent in Russia. Judging by the schematic and looking at one of the few known pix of the actual Sputnik transmitter, we can reasonably suspect that the round white encapsulated object shown is likely L4 on the schematic. Note the proximity of the crystal. Now - to fire up the soldering iron to start recreation of an original Sputnik transmitter.

    Bruce - KK0S

  2. I got to this podcast link from Dave Jones & Chris Gammell's 'AmpHour' Podcast - am an enthusiastic EE ( but inexperienced) hobbyist, & sometimes get a little lost in their stuff, but Man!!! - You Guys Are Out There!! - Respect!!


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