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Friday, April 19, 2013

Arduino, K6HX's code, and an RBN (minimum) speed limit?

Hello Mark:  I've been using your code.  Very nice.   Easy to use and modify, even for a digital dunce like me. 
I've been using an Arduino and your code to key my 20 meter QRP transmitter.  I watch the Reverse Beacon Network to see how I'm getting out.  I think  your code let me discover something about RBN:  there may be a lower "speed limit" on the skimmers.  I noticed that when I left your code at the default 12 wpm, I was not picked up by the skimmers.  When I called CQ the old fashioned way (with my hand!) at 15 wpm I got plenty of spots.  This morning I changed the speed setting on your code to 15 wpm and -- sure enough -- immediately got picked up by an RBN station. 
Anyway, thanks for the code and for your Brainwagon blog
73  Bill  

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  1. Hi Bill - I don't have feedback for you on minimum speed, but I did want to share that I just had my eldest learning Arduino basics this evening and thought of you and your recent digital endeavors. She only had some LED's blinking in response to a switch, but it's a start.

    That little board doesn't seem more powerful but it has more memory and processor speed than the flight control computers on the Apollo missions.

    Good luck and keep at it!


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