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Monday, April 1, 2013

SolderSmoke Podcast #151

SolderSmoke Podcast #151 is available.

April 1, 2013

-- Spring not yet sprung
-- Dominican nostalgia wave hits SolderSmoke HQ
-- Rebuild of my first transmitter
-- Dusting off the Barebones Superhet
-- SolderSmoke Book Corner:
      Ben Franklin by Walter Issacson
      How Arthur C. Clarke handled his Mailbag
      "The New Cool"  Dean Kamen's house/shack
      Transistor Radios by Ronald Quan
-- New SolderSmoke Advertising Campaign
-- QRP vs. QRO:
      Put 40 milliwatt "Shark Fin" QRSS rig on the air
      Being lured into QRO amp construction projects
-- Reverse Beacon Network
-- Looking for my Elmer (or his son)

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  1. Not only did they put your commercial on WWV and WWVH, but also on WWVB! That is right, SolderSmoke has gone IRIG-H! I don't know how they manged to klooge it, but wristwatches that rely on that signal are now showing "Solder Smoke".

  2. Hey I really am hearing commercials on WWV! Check out this mp3: click here.

  3. There's an audio interview with Ron Quan here:

    He talks about his book from about 64 minutes in.



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