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Sunday, February 15, 2009

SolderSmoke 101


Superbowl Sunday in Rome. "Playing for Pizza." Spirals on the Piazza
Empire of the Air -- Gerbils Renamed
"Electrons on Parade" Good RCA film about tubes
Minimalist Mania:
ET-1/FETer transmitter built -- some problems
New Minimalist Yahoo group
AA1TJ and AA1MY make QRP History with tunnel diode rig
QRSS News:
New beacons and grabbers in US and Canada
K6HX and the lure of the whisperers
Upside down FSK for VK/ZL observers?
Chip extraction tips (belated)
What "s.o.t." means.
Brad WA5PSA still jogging in Tulsa
Ted AJ8T and Paul VK5PH: Lake not named for Lee
Neil G7AQK HB mystery box
Doug WB5TKI on how to extract chips
Ron AA5RS advises Billy to stick with Linux
Bill AA0RQ uses the hard stuff
Scott on Heaviside: Good guy or not?
Brent in Twin Cities: SWL Rockmite and SS lead to ham radio
Dan NM5DV building SDR QRSS rig
Jeff K07M listens while flying private plane
John W6TC has great article for Electronic Design
Edwin WA4YHL: Amateur Logic TV #23 is available
Dale WA5DJJ on the possible benefits of upside down FSK
Eddie G3JZO: Upside down FSK looks like laundry on the line!
Jerry NR5A has the minimalist bug
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