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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WA5DJJ's QRSS Beacon: Immediate Success!

Here's a story that really captures the fun of QRSS, the way in which this mode can be both high tech/DSP-ish and low tech/minimalist at the same time. It also shows the global reach of the fraternity that supports QRSS. In SolderSmoke 101 I reported on the QRSS building project of Dave, Wa5DJJ. He was building a rig based on a design by the esteemed Maltese radio wizard Stan, 9H1LO (Stan appears in the SolderSmoke slide show -- he is the guy in the lab coat.) You'll recall Dave's comment on how upside down FSK might be useful in reaching our brothers "down under." Yesterday Dave put his new creation (see above) on the air, and posted a message to the Knights of QRSS Yahoo Group. In Belgium, Johan, ON5EX, saw Dave's message and decided to check W8LIW's receiver (via LIW's online grabber). Johan saw Dave's signal and reported the success to the Knights.
You can read more about Dave's project here:

Here is the e-mail exchange between Dave and Johan:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 7:46 PM

Hi Dave, I can see your sigs are on the Ohio W8LIW grabber right now, with a little downward shifting. Well done! Your website truly reveals a keen QRP-er and homebrewer. BTW: I’ll be firing up my first RockMite (20) soon! 73, Johan on5ex

From: knightsqrss-bounces@cnts.be [mailto:knightsqrss-bounces@cnts.be] On Behalf Of David R. Hassall
Sent: woensdag 18 februari 2009 1:30
To: knights QRSS
Subject: [Knightsqrss] WA5DJJ on the air!!

Dear Gang,

First test of my QRSS 10.140Mhz MEPT. It should be around 1.060 on the waterfall. Power output is 122mW (All I could squeeze out of my poor little 2N222A final. Keying is up shift, at about 5 hz. I hooked it to my 30 Meter Inverted Vee off my tower. Apex is at 40 feet. I think I have it right and hope it doesn't blow up. We shall see when I get some reports. I will have pictures on my website as soon as I can get them there. Thanks for all the advice and help. This was a really fun project. Now to get a couple more built to get some others on the air.

73 Dave

BTW: I succeeded in putting Johan's grabber output onto this blog. Look at top of my right-hand column. If the sun is up over Europe, you should see my upside down FSK around the middle of Johan's screen. (He has the screen kind of split in two to allow more minutes to be displayed, so you should see me in the middle of both the top and bottom halves of the screen. ) You may have to hit the refresh button on your browser to get my blog page to pull down an update of Johan's grabber. Just think about how cool this all is: I transmit a 50 mw sig from Rome with a very minimalist rig. Johan receives it in Belgium using DSP software and puts the results on the www. I embed his output screen on my blog, which you can now see, almost in real time!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Bill,

    What a surprise to see the headline. I have seen my MEPT signal on VE1VDM this morning so the 122mW is clunking along. We are letting it run a bit so I can see where it goes. I also figured out how to Flip your keying so those of us won't have to stand on our heads to read your keying. It only takes one 2N2222 transistor and two resistors. Interested? .
    Back to the work bench for some more building.
    My mother said that I got the way I was from sitting on the electric light cord with a wet diaper. I guess that was how she explained to the neighbors how I got the KNACK. I just don't think she used that name for it. hi hi.

    73 Dave


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