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Sunday, February 1, 2009

SolderSmoke NUMBER 100


A look back to the beginning
Rome Travelogue: Palatine Hill
Fixing my old freq counter: Trials and Tribulations
Empire of the Air:
More great history, but more tech faux pas
"The radio art"
An historical precedent for our GONG
Lake DeForest?
A. Frederick Collins
Understanding Beta Independence
Understanding Feedback and Distortion
SPRAT 137: Minimalist Radio:
The FETer/ET-1: "Haiku from Solder"
Regens: Not for the faint of heart
NEW: THE SolderSmoke STORE: T-shirts, Mugs...!
Shawn N3ZHP new to Knack, wants to build ALL his gear
Steve WB6NTL on hippie origins of "Snort Rosin"
Scott AC0GG recommends new mic, equalizer
Jim AL7RV going QRSS mobile. Can we find him?
George K8VU on kid busted by FCC
Craig KC2LFI helps with SS s sounds
David KB1BED says SolderSmoke driving up Drake 2-B prices
Steve G0FUW "Ten DSB rigs built in cloud of aromatic 60/40"
Brian NF0G HBing at -20F Comet Lulin coming
Tony G4LLW Freq standards, IC extraction, Arc transmitters
Kevin AA7YQ listened to SS while on parachute mission
Graeme ZL2GDN building for DSB and QRSS
Stu N6TTO has new FSK QRSS beacon 10140060
Mark K6HX (has great "Brainwagon" blog) lost SSDRA
Robin AF1RE Heard BITx20s on the air, now is building
Gerry EI8DRB has his 2B
Ray M0DHP has a strange aromatic solder experience...


  1. Hi, I looked up your question about DeForest Lake in Rockland County. I grew up just south of there in Bergen County (NJ), so thanks for swimming in our drinking water. :)

    The answer is from "The Hudson River Guidebook" by Arthur G. Adams:

    .. Lake DeForest, an artificial reservoir formed by damming the West Branch of the Hackensack River. It is named for Robert W. DeForest, former president of the Hackensack Water Company.

    Cheers and 73.
    -Chris KC2SYK

  2. Thanks for looking that up Chris. I contacted one of Deforest's relatives and so far no reply.

  3. Happy to help. One more note, the reservoir seems to have been dammed circa 1957-1958.




    Cheers and 73.
    -Chris KC2SYK

  4. Bill, I'd like to give you my congratulations on your centennial episode of Soldersmoke. I have downloaded all 100 episodes, and while I got back into ham radio after a long hiatus because of the 50th anniversary of Sputnik, I think I can lay my current interest in homebrewing electronics at your feet. When I see a new episode of Soldersmoke, it actually makes my commute in San Francisco traffic enjoyable.

    (Oh, and thanks for giving my brainwagon blog a plug!)

  5. Thanks for Solder Smoke. I finally got a MP3 Player from my kids who are dragging me into the 21st century. I downloaded soldersmoke (last 5 issuses) and enjoyed them so much, I found my spare MP3 player and also gave them to a friend. It also inspired me to get busy and put a 50 mW beacon on 10.140 Mhz. Schematics found and crystal and keyer ordered. Soon, New Mexico will be on the beacon scene. An idea for a bumper sticker might be
    ASK ME ABOUT SOLDERSMOKE. Not sure but might fit. Anyway have a great day melting Solder.
    73 Dave WA5DJJ


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