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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amazing NASA site: Audio from Apollo Landings

Akshay, VA7AAX, sent me a link to a truly amazing site. NASA has pulled together a huge amount of data on all the moon landings, and they have made it very accessible. Included is a LOT of the raw audio of the communication between the spacecraft and ground. They even have the internal communications inside the lunar lander. If you guys are looking for something to put in your MP3 players (in addition to SolderSmoke, of course) this is the place to go. It is also a great site for audio to be played in the shack while building something. It is really inspiring. This morning I listened to the Apollo 11 landing.

I like the live.365 system for the audio -- you can listen to it in streaming mode, without waiting for a long download.

Here is the site:

Thanks Akshay! Thanks NASA!


  1. You mention putting the audio on an MP3 player, but I can't seem to find any links for downloading the entire audio file(s), only to listen streaming on live365...

  2. Thought I saw down-loadable files the first time I visited, but I can't find them now. Maybe you could turn the streaming audio into mp3's with media player, audacity, or realaudio.

  3. C'mon, guys. -Everyone- knows the moon landings were faked. ;-p

    73 from the Left Coast loony bin,

  4. When I saw the picture you posted I thought it looked familiar. Then I looked up at the picture above my desk and there it was. My Father in Law worked at Grumman and he gave me a old poster he had depicting the Apollo 11 mission. Has 6 pictures on at and also 3 panes of the signatures carried to the moon.
    Walter N2LTB

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