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Sunday, March 15, 2009

SolderSmoke 103: Piper Cubs and MFJ Cubs

In the SolderSmoke 103 Podcast:
15 March 2009
Beware the Ides of March!
Ostia Beach and Ostia Antica
248 Knights of QRSS. And Wizards!
ET Phones Home (with QRSS?)
Possible new grabbers in VK6 and Dubai
Telescope, Satellites...
REAL QRP QSOs on 80 and 40
Saving an old Toshiba Laptop
-- Piper Cubs and MFJ Cubs
-- Satellite QSOs
-- LT Spice and test gear
Gene W3PM listens from QE2, HB WSPR rig
Jim AL7V sending parts for my W3PM rig
Jim AB3CV's color burst Gnat
Jason NT7S on Tektronix guys and SolderSmoke
Kevin ZL3KE on old computers
Paul M1CNK's DDS 30-based QRSS beacon
Soeren OZ2DAK on exercise bikes to power beacons


  1. Bill -
    Before you go through the pain of installing linux on your latop, check out Linux on Laptops to see what you're up against. Laptops can be a real bear to get linux up and running on, based on my experience with an old Satellite 510CS.
    Mike, KL7MJ

  2. Listening to SS#103 and you two talking about living in an air park: Keep the antenna restrictions in mind!

    Re linux on your laptop, check out the "Linux in the Hamshack" podcast, esp. episode #7 (installing linux).

    I'd recommend PC-BSD or Ubuntu if you're going for ease of installation/use. Of course, this is the Solder Smoke blog, so this may be too close to "appliance operation" for some folks. ;)

    There's a decent collection of ham radio software for either platform. See the list of ham radio software for FreeBSD. I'm not as familiar with Ubuntu/linux, but I know it's out there.


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