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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gil Cartoon of W7ZOI on the Mountaintop

Steve, WA0PWK, sent this one in. He found it in an old issue of "Hints and Kinks." Note the callsign on that FB HB portable rig. Wes tells me that this cartoon was actually a Doug DeMaw initiative. Doug took an older cartoon by Gil, W1CJD, and put "W7ZOI" on the rig. The drawing appeared next to a short article by Wes about an electronic keyer using a pair of 741 Op Amps. Wes also reports that his kids got a real kick out of it -- his son Ron was taking an elective printing course in Jr. High School at the time, and printed up a bunch of W7ZOI QSL cards featuring the modified Gil cartoon.

I thought that Steve, N0TU (now WG0AT !), would find this especially interesting.

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