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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Alaska QRSS Grabber Controlled from CHINA!

Our friend Laurence leads an interesting life...


Hi Bill and greetings from the NE coast of still summery China - actually its cooling down a bit from boiling over to just cooking.

Just been home to Alaska. Whilst and between lumberjacking 20 dead trees on the property I had a few mins to throw up a K9AY and connected it via 250ft of Walmarts best RG6U into the R75 - with a little help of Ham radio delux, Citrix and Skype I have control of the radio from here in China - Mostly on 30m but really shoved it up for the winter lf/mf season but of course WSPR and visual modes have proved very popular. So until a moose walks thru, a Wolf chews threw or wife cuts thru the antennae wire it will be up.

Here in China I'm sporting the second r75 and this supplements the SDR IQ - my antennae are gradually getting blocked towards the states and Eu by every rising high rises just in front and I can actually measure the increasing losses at LF and HF as the beast rise. Still looking for your WSPR signal and keep up the good work.

Laurence G4DMA et al - KL1 X and in BY3A

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