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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Early Crystal Set in Altoids-like Box

Even way back then, British homebrewers had an affinity for Altoids-like boxes!
David, M0VTG, sent me the above pictures, and this description:

I enclose some pictures of a kit produced in the early to mid 1900s of crystals and a holder for use in a crystal radio; unfortunately the cats whisker is missing! The box is marked:

Front: NEUTRON Back: Neutron Ltd
Trade Mark Sicilian House
Wireless Crystal Southhampton Row
1/6 Phone Museum 2017
Catswisker and
Directions Enclosed

The 1/6 refers to the price (one shilling and six pence) pre-decimalization and converts to seven and a half pence today (although the half pence has been dropped thorough inflation). I should add that the box measures about an inch and a half in length.

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