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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dale Parfitt, W4OP, Homebrew Hero

Yesterday, in my search for pictures of the Drake 2B, I came across VE3MPG's excellent interview with Dale Parfitt, W4OP. Dale and I crossed paths years ago: After I built my first version of Doug DeMaw's Barebones Superhet, I went out on the net and found a couple of kit versions of this receiver for sale. A few years later, I was working on one of them, and turned (as you do) to QRP-L for some advice. Dale came to the rescue and we started exchanging e-mails. After a while he told me that the version I was working on sounded familiar. Sure enough, he was the original builder! The story appears in SolderSmoke -- The Book.

Here is further evidence that Dale and I have similar tastes in receivers: Pictured above is his solid state version of the Drake 2-B. FB! I note that the dial scales are the same as the hollow-state version.

Here is the VE3MPG interview:


  1. You neglect to mention Dale's excellent company, Par Electronics - suppliers in particular of spiffy end-fed antennas that are my perennial plan-B for Skywarn Recognition Day and Virginia QSO Party, and little filters to keep pager intermod out of your 2m rig. It really does make one a Homebrew Hero when you can turn your hobby into a business of 30 years. http://www.parelectronics.com/

    de AI4UC

  2. Absolutely true about Par. Another great post, Bill!

  3. and Dale is still at it today in 2023. he just restored two drake 2b's . we have been friends for about 5 yrs now and talk daily. seems like we always have another project on the shelf. nice write up. 73 Tony WA4JQS


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