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Sunday, December 6, 2009

SolderSmoke 119

4th grade Morse code lecture. Listening to 40 meter CW in the schoolyard

December 6, 2009
4th Grade Morse lecture; SPRAT in the Pantheon; Cinghale shot
SSS problem and the gap in my teeth
STAGNOSALD! (Italian Flux)
Movie Reviews
Water on the Moon
Tyson the cat crashes both Ubuntu Linux AND WSPR 2.0
Building the Softrock 40: Comments on surface mount
WSPR hits 100k spots per day; my numbers

1 comment:

  1. Listened to the first half of SolderSmoke this morning, the rest is saved for my commute home. Thanks again for putting this out: I was beginning to shake from withdrawal.

    Regarding the two movie reviews: yes, we all have to toss ourselves on the grenade of chick flicks occasionally to keep them missus happy. I really did like Julie and Julia though, I think it has a number of good elements. One is the realization that Julia Child only began her obsession with cooking in her mid-forties (a good reminder to all us old timers that it is never too late to learn). As you mentioned, another was the blogging angle. I also thought that Julie took on an interesting challenge in trying to do EVERY recipe in Child's book: I bet that very few individuals show the kind of dedication to their activities that cause them to do every recipe. I know that I can't imagine building everything in EMRFD, but it sure will be fun to try.

    But New Moon? Never mind that you couldn't understand the Italian, it was pretty much jibberish in English too. :-) Honestly, the only reason I didn't think it was good because I think that telling girls that romance is all about doing dangerous things with dangerous boys can't possibly be good for girls.

    Thanks again Bill.


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