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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stagnosald! (Italian flux)

For some reason I like the packaging for this Italian soldering flux. Sort of takes you back to the days when soldering was soldering, if you know what I mean. Now (somewhat ironically) we are using this flux for SMT soldering. On the left you can see the PA stage of my slowly-coming-together SMT SDR LINUX Compu-radio. As you can probably tell, I am struggling to keep a positive attitude towards SMT and SDR. Lately, even Linux has been giving me trouble. The problem here is clearly with the operator, not the equipment. The Softrock SDR kit is really excellent. I'm sure I will eventually get it working, but I think there will be a lot of geezer-like complaining about all this new-fangled surface mount, software stuff. Please, bear with me.


  1. Equivalent in the USA?

    Brad K5ILW

  2. Molto saporito! Mi pare un "vegemite" o "bovril" italiano! Cercarò qui a Guadalajara dalla Importaciones Europeos per questa salsa. In bocca di lu...
    ;) 73

  3. Hi Bill,

    I've been struggling with a dual rail power supply recently. I've found that more is less in this regard. More venting/ranting on IRC/email leads to some fun poked back at you and some useful feed back from folks too, therefore less stress about it.

    Do you have a local constructors club?

    Not sure about the flux. You use it as a surface prep?

    72, Kim - VK5FNET


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