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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Armand's 2-B (X3)

Good morning Bill!,

Let me start of by letting you off the hook (a little anyway), by saying that I no longer hold you responsible for the escalating values of the Drake 2B. After acquiring one, cleaning it , recapping and tweaking it, it's pretty clear that the 2B doesn't need anyone to sing its praises. It sings pretty well all on its own! Having said that, I really have to thank you for nudging me into finally getting one for myself. After a lot of searching I finally found one that was in not too bad shape for its age. I also found two others that were in less than working condition. For a while I was troubled as you were about having more than one Solid State Design. Is it really ethical for someone to have more than one 2B? Fortunately I can rationalize with the best of them. It's obvious that I will only own them for a while and am saving them from the scrap heap. Maybe we could start a 2B rescue organization?
Also thanks for the WARC and 160M tuning template - much appreciated!
The serial numbers for these sets are

2599, 5149, and 12038

Will be neat to get an estimate for the final count. Good luck!

Also wanted to mention that I really enjoyed SolderSmoke "the book". Will there be a second volume? Enough for now.

Keep the solder flowing and the podcasts and blogs comming.
Thanks again,
Armand WA1UQO
p.s. If you have an extra set of crystals for a 2B that you would be willing to part with, let me know.

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