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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Copthorne's Heathkit HW-8

Here's evidence that I am moving ever further along the ham radio hippie trail: This week as I was browsing through the 1970's era columns of Copthorne MacDonald, I came across this gem about our beloved Heathkit HW-8. (The photo is of Cop's rig.)


Inspired, I connected mine to my salvaged and solar-charged gel-cell battery and made a number of contacts on 40 meters. It was all really groovy.

Peace, Bill


  1. HW8 nice! Do you remember that episode of Star Trek (The Kirk/Spock Star Trek, not the New Age Jean Luc Picard tea-drinkin', poetry readin' version), where some hippies, seeking Eden (a planet), took over the Enterprise? Initially, the terse, crew-cut, Enterprise crew technie types were referred to as "Herbert", but a number of brainwashed, groovy,chakra-conscious crew members were soon bobbing their heads to the psychedelic musings of the hippies. Spock even jammed with them on his Vulcan lyre. It was truly far out...

  2. Followed Cop via the MotherEarth News for as long as he wrote the column. Good stuff !! Just resurected my HW-8 ... lots of fun ! The HW-7 comes next, that one is as true challenge.

  3. Copthorne MacDonald, Hippie Ham.

    "I've come to see it as an exercise in spiritual and psychological growth .. . since concentration, mindfulness, patience, faith. and the willingness to work now for a future reward are all requiredand cultivated-in the process......"

    Oh wow, man. Reading that I could hear the strumming of the Sitar.

    73 and Within Without You,

    Steve Smith WB6TNL
    "Snort Rosin"


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