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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Natural Disaster Report

We have battened down the hatches and are enjoying a quiet evening at home as Hurricane Irene approaches. The radar image from Norfolk Virginia describes the current situation quite well. You can see the eye about 150 km south-east of us. We currently have moderate rain and wind. I don't think it is going to be bad for us. Best wishes for all those under this storm.

As for the earthquake, well, most everyone has their earthquake story (those who don't are said to have Earthquake Envy). I was at poolside with Billy and Maria. It was quite a jolt here, stronger than anything we felt in Italy. When we got home, the only noticeable impact was that Maria's ET doll had fallen from a shelf in the shack. More details in SolderSmoke 137.

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  1. We had quite a jolt from the earthquake in Charlottesville inside the engineering building. Earthquake AND hurricane in the same week? Who could ask for more!

  2. We have had our APT decoder running for the past 24 hours grabbing shots of the storm.

    Images are here: http://rick.cotbol.com

  3. Living in Mexico one becomes used to strong earthquakes, storms and other (unfortunate) events. Makes you appreciate the power of Mother Nature. Friends up in New Jersey said there was some flooding. THose in NYC just said it rained a lot. Onward!


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