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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Picture You Heard in SS 136 -- FROM SPAAAACE!

In the last podcast I played a recording of some 2 meter signals picked up by my handheld transceiver from the new amateur radio satellite ArisSat-1. Included in the transmission were some tones that were obviously SSTV. Mike, K2MTS, ran the audio through some SSTV software and got this! Pretty good! From space to my HT, across the room to the SolderSmoke mic, out over the internet in podcast form, back to me in an e-mail, and now, on the blog. Thanks Mike!
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  1. Now -that- is cool. All those signal paths and still a decent picture.

    Does anyone remember back in the 70s when Radio Netherlands broadcast a computer program for the Sinclair/Timex ZX81? The idea was to record it then off the air load it into the tiny computer. I recorded it but the phase distortion was so bad it wouldn't load.

    From the foggy Left Coast
    73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL
    "Snort Rosin"

  2. Happy to help!

    For those who haven't given a listen for ARISSat-1 yet, your window may be closing. The ARISSat team reports that its battery is failing:


    I noticed this when I reviewed the telemetry I copied overnight -- the mission elapsed time clock had reset, and it was reporting as running on 'emergency power'!

    Hopefully there's a little life left in it for some more great SSTV pictures:


    and BSPK-1000 telemetry.



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