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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Radio Drama about RADIO!

Dale, W9DKB, alerts us to a radio drama from 1973 that is all about mysterious radio signals from space. Very cool. Thanks Dale.

Hi Bill,

I've enjoyed your podcast for the past 2 years, never miss it. And I enjoyed your book, Global Adventures.

Last night I listened to a free radio show from Jim French Productions and thought of you. It's a story that involves computerized data signal processing, communication with aliens, radio noise analysis, NASA, Apollo, Skylab, deciphering codes based on chemical specific gravities, neat jazz music ... all the th
ings a knack victim like yourself would enjoy. And here's the kicker - the production was made in 1973! You can hear the old 500 series Bell telephones used for sound effects and all that. Give it a listen. I think you'll like it.

This is an episode of "Dameron". If you like listening to radio dramas, this is a great site to visit as they post a new
show on their "Listen Now" page each week. The Harry Nile adventures are great. But so are the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Of course all of them are available for download at a modest cost. (No, I have no affiliation with Jim French Productions.)

is the link. Scroll down the page. The show you want is titled WEEK 804, Dameron, "Earth is Ours". Just click the blue "Listen Now" label.

River Falls, WI

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  1. Hi Bill. If you want to download the production (for your IPod) rather than stream it, the address is http://jimfrenchproductions.com/itheater_shows/week804.mp3

    - 72/3 Tony G4WIF

  2. I remember Jim French when he was at KIRO in Seattle. Interesting.


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