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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hiccups in SolderSmoke 139

First there was the whistling of my SSS sounds (a speech defect that I had been blissfully unaware of due to a nullifying case of tinnitus!) Then, in SolderSmoke 139 the long-suffering SolderSmoke listeners had to put up with hiccups. Yea, around 53 minutes into the show there began an annoying series of hiccups. Being an essentially analog kind of guy, I'm sort of pleased to point out that these are DIGITAL hiccups, apparently introduced by the Audacity software during the actual recording (not when I converted the show to mp3). I've been having more than my normal share of road-kill computer problems lately. The laptop I'm using to record the show ate a couple of the recent episodes before I had a chance to upload them (I had to do them over -- that's very frustrating). So this time I was recording the show on a thumb drive. Apparently it was filling up as we got close to the end, which led to the hiccups. The worst part was that a hiccup came just as I was delivering a key quote from The Woz. (I'll post it.)

If anyone has any gear laying around that might with these problems, please send it my way. Obviously I could use a bigger thumb drive. An external sound card might be nice. I could probably use another laptop also...

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  1. Yeah, I noticed those "jumps" but thought that either 1. my download to the cellphone was errant or 2. you'd e dited the podcast in post-production to remove redundancies ;)
    ..73 desde Guadalajara

  2. My guess is the sound card wouldn't make any difference, it's stuttering because the thumb drive is slow and getting full. If you reformat the thumb drive, which really clears it out instead of just marking it clear, that might help. A faster and/or bigger thumb drive should do the trick. Or just record to the hard drive like before.

    Thanks again Bill and 73!

  3. Hi Bill.

    The skipping while recording to your external USB stick is because it isn't being written to fast enough , and to keep in time it must drop data.

    The solution is to record to the internal hard disk which has a much faster write to speed.

    gregW:-) OH2FFY


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