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Monday, December 26, 2011

Homebrew Hero: Kazuhiro Sunamura, JF1OZL

In case anyone in the SolderSmoke community has not yet visited the site of Kazuhiro Sunamura... Be sure to check out his site. He has a really amazing range of projects:


Here is the bio of OM OZL. As you can see, he definitely has the Knack, and clearly has the sharing attitude of a true member of the International Brotherhood of Electronic Wizards:

My name is Kazuhiro Sunamura. I am a 50 year old mechanical engineer, born in 1956. I am not an engineer in electronics. I have been interested in electricity and radio from the age of ten. For the last ten years, I have been active on my ham radio station JF10ZL. I have also written articles about my some of my radio projects in Japanese for the Japanese CQ Magazine. Now I have decided to get onto the internet and will take the opportunity of showing you my equipment and ideas. Please have a look at my schematics. I will be very happy if this material helps you with your own radio projects. I am a member of the J.A.R.L. affiliated Tsuchiura Club, the local ham club in my home town.

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  1. JF1OZL sure has interesting projects and his schematics have this very human feel due to being drawn by hand.

  2. Great stuff.

    Don't forget our buddy Hidehiko ("Hide") Komachi, JA9MAT. You can still find his pages using the Wayback Machine.

    73.......Steve "Peabody here.." Smith
    "Snort Rosin"

    1. I know that I'm replying to an old comment but I am hoping that WB6TNL or some other kind ham will be able to post JA9MAT's website URL, so that I can use Archive.org's Wayback Machine to look it up.

      I would also like to comment that the work of jf1ozl has been a great inspiration to me. His hand drawn schematics have helped me come to understand the construction, layout and logic behind transceiver designs. He is another one of the few amazing ham's who have contributed so much to a new generation of elmer-less but eager homebrewers like myself. I look forward to seeing "Hide's" content as well, if I am able to recover it with the wayback machine. It would be a shame to lose any other great homebrew websites that have been such great educational resources for myself and others.


    2. Sorry but that was too many computers ago. You might email Hide; his addr. is in QRZ.com

      Best of luck and 73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL "Snort Rosin"

  3. Has JF1OZL hung up his spurs? His fantastic web page is now showing the dreaded 404?

  4. His homepage has been unreachable for some time now, but most content has been indexed by the Internet Archive over at https://web.archive.org/web/20181210170534/http://www.intio.or.jp/jf10zl/

    I hope he is well though.

    1. Thats a bummer - I really liked visiting that guy's website. He's one of the few.

  5. Update on the website: the web.archive.org location is missing a lot of the gif files. A more complete copy may be found at https://www.emilio.com.mx/jf10zl/


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