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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All OK at SolderSmoke HQ

Hurricane Sandy went through here yesterday. We had a lot of water and wind.  Power went out at about 7 pm, giving me the opportunity to display my technological prowess by deploying my 1.1 kilowatt DC/AC inverter.   It worked very well -- we had lights and TV, and were the envy of the neighborhood.  We all went to sleep on the ground floor -- trees are the real hazard here.  We were very pleased to be awakened by the lights coming back on at 1:20 am.  Three cheers for Dominion Power!   I hope listeners in the storm's path had it as easy as we did.    

Podcast #147 will be a special Hurricane Sandy edition.  I should have it out in a day or so. 

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  1. Glad to hear it! My niece in NYC had to leave Lower Manhattan and "move uptown" for a couple days but all is well, too. Saludos y 73...

  2. Bill,

    What was the capacity of the battery that you use?

    Larry W2LJ


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