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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Solder Smoke Podcast #147 -- Hurricane Sandy Edition

Hurricane Sandy backup station at N2CQR

SolderSmoke Podcast 147 is available for downloading: 
October 29/30 2012
Hurricane Sandy on the way
Thanks for birthday wishes 
Einstein -- a very nice fellow with a bit of the Knack
Rocket project update
808 key chain cameras (thanks for the Amazon support!) 
Audio output transformer for Barbados Barebones RX
Mighty Midget RX -- breaking it, fixing it (with help from friends)
Freq counter connection to Tek scope  
Halli S-38E -- How to avoid electrocution?
The HQ-100's anti-drift alarm clock 
Book Review:  "Instruments of Amplification" by H.P. Friedrichs (5 Soldering Irons!) 
BANDSWEEP: 20 meter SSB via DC receiver on hurricane day
Report on outcome of the hurricane -- inverter saves the day (really the night)
MAILBAG (a big one).    

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  1. Here's your S-38x modification suggestion. First polarize the plug so that it has a HOT (short blade) and a Neutral (long blade). You can replace the plug with a modern one, but also splitting the 'designated neutral' with a wire cutter will make it wide enough to never go into the narrow slot.

    Then, rewire the POT switch so that it goes directly to the HOT.


    It makes a swell receiver, though not quite as good as a ham rig of the era.

    Mike Yancey, KM5Z
    Dallas, Texas

  2. Another hexbeam build;

    73 Kim VK5FJ


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