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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good News From Ireland!

Hi Bill,

I'm not sure what's in your sacrificial solder but it sure is good stuff!!!

I received my results today and I'm very very pleased to say I passed.

Now I can finally set my mind to building a shack...

I'm going to celebrate by ordering one of Tim Walford's excellent looking beginner kits and I've just started building Tony Park's Ensemble RXTX.

I'm not sending in my cert just yet though as I want to pass my morse test first.

Thanks again for the kind support, I'm sure it got me a good few percent on the test!!

Also thanks to Steve Smith WB6TNL and his words...

"Thousand of people have taken this examination and passed. There is no reason why I cannot also pass."

He was right!

Also I hope Dave passed, unfortunately I didn't get to meet him at the exam, hopefully we'll figure out how to contact each other, it'd be good to have a newly passed fellow ham to share ideas with.

Regards, or should that now be 73 :),


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  1. Dave here -

    Delighted to hear you passed Chris - and pleased to say I did too :)

    I think I was the first to walk out of the exam room - I didn't want to agonise over answers for too long!

    I've already soldered a 20M Rockmite together, which now just needs to be placed in an Altoids tin.

    I was intending to send in for the callsign this week (I want to be on the air now!) - but when is the next morse test? I like the look of a two letter suffix :)

    Looking forward to working you & fellow soldersmoke listeners on the air very soon.

    Thanks again to Steve Smith for the nice words - and thanks to you Bill for inspiring me to sit the exam through your book, blog & of course the podcast.

    EI land is going to be filled with the aroma of a lot more solder smoke :)


  2. Chis and Dave,

    That is terrific news! My heartiest congratulations to both of you!

    73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL
    "Snort Rosin"

  3. Hi Dave,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I've been so busy catching up on everything that I wasn't doing whilst studying for the exam :)

    Send me on your email address and I'll get in touch.




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