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Friday, May 31, 2013

Cliff Stoll DEFINITELY has The Knack! And he Kluges!


The Maker Blog has a nice article on Cliff Stoll, the author of "Silicon Snake Oil" and "The Cuckoo's Egg."   I liked Cliff's books and included quotes from them in "SolderSmoke -- Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics."  I was glad to see that Cliff is doing well and still tinkering.  Be sure to check out the video on his R/C fork lift.  FB OM.

I was, of course, very intrigued by the slide showing the symbol of the "KlugeMeisters of America." Can we get a pronunciation ruling from Cliff?  Can we nominate people for induction into the KMA?  

In Spiritu Klugo!  Non Vacuo Sine Glyptum!  Words to live by,  my friends...  Patrick Murphy explains all this here:  http://www.cv.nrao.edu/~pmurphy/kluge_where.html 

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  1. Hi there. Mike Colombo, author of the blog post here. Thanks for linking to us.

    Cliff pronounces it "Klooge" but recognizes that "Kludge" is an acceptable pronunciation as well.

    Glad you liked the article. Honestly, so much wisdom comes from that man's mouth I could've made the article twice as long!

  2. Clifford Stoll had a ham license at one time, I don't know if he kept it up.

    Unless I've garbled it, there is a letter in QST in 1970. Something about using ham radio to link campuses after the invasion of Cambodia. I noticed it after "Cuckoo's Egg" came out. I don't recall the issue, or maybe more important, I don't remember what else was in the issue.


  3. I believe Cliff's HAM call-sign is on his Acme Klein Bottle webpage. I don't know how much he uses it anymore though.


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