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Monday, May 6, 2013

Homebrew Adventures with JT65

My six dollar DDS board hasn't arrived yet, so this weekend I worked on the re-build of the 30 meter Direct Conversion/DSB transmitter that I built in Rome (originally for WSPR use).  I was hoping to use this rig to make at least a few PSK-31 contacts.   But I started seeing these strange looking sigs in the waterfall.  I found out they are JT65 (JT for Joe Taylor).  So I downloaded the program JT65-HF.  I got the receiver going very quickly (it is a 40675 dual gate MOSFET followed by the audio amplifier out of Roger Hayward's Ugly Weekender RX).  The transmitter is just a two diode singly balanced modulator followed by the RF chain from Peter Parker's Beach 40 Rig.   QSOs seem imminent.

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  1. Right click in the window Dial QRG khz and select your frequency.
    73 John KC0BMF

  2. Glad to see you have the JT bug Bill.

    I love this mode. Current record for me is Chicago -> South Africa with about 400mw using a random long wire tuned on 40meters. Incredible mode and I cannot wait to hear how you do with it!


  3. You probably already know this mode requires accurate time. I run NTP on my Win7 machine, but used Dimension 4 on my XP. Also, we usually use JT65 with a computer controlled rig, so you'll be doing some manual operations. You want to check out JT-Alert. It is a super handy application that runs with JT65, and makes operating much more fun.

    Enjoy; I hope to see you on the air!



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