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Thursday, June 13, 2013

LONE SIGNAL: SETI gets cool. Perhaps TOO cool! (VIDEO)

Slashdot alerted me to this new SETI-like effort to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations.  It is called LONE SIGNAL.  Check out their video (above and here:
http://youtu.be/M-XcrnSKUog )


The project has many features that put it in the traditional SolderSmoke area of interest, especially  "the use of a re-furbished radio telescope."   But one look at their video (click above) made me think that perhaps these folks are just too cool for a project like this.  I somehow can't see ANY of these people using a soldering iron.  On the other hand, if WE had videos like this, maybe we'd be able to bring more young people into ham radio!  Yea!  Why can't we be cool too? How about it, ARRL?

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