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Saturday, August 24, 2013

BITX Build: Update #2

Not much progress to report.  But I have been thinking about the filter frequency.  Here is my latest idea: 

Maybe I'll build the VFO in the 5 MHz range.  This would allow me to use the 9 MHz Yaesu filter (and associated crystals) that Steve Smith sent to me (see above).  With this I could be on 75 and 20 meters. 

I could build another filter at 13 MHz and, using the same VFO in the 5 Mhz range, get on our beloved 17 meter band.  I kind of like the idea of plug-in filters. 

You can see my ideas for the board layout.  I'm thinking of a Doug DeMaw Universal Hartley VFO inside the box shown above.   The tuning cap you see is out of an old Heath QF-1 Q Multiplier.  It has a very nice reduction drive built into the tuning shaft.  It measures 19 to 148 pf.     
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