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Monday, August 12, 2013

SolderSmoke Podcast #154

SolderSmoke Podcast 154 is available for download!


August 11, 2013

-- Alligators!  Real Alligators! (see picture below -- look closely)

-- Ten meter beacon project (with Arduino and Reverse Beacon Network)

-- Telescope repair:  Chap Stick as lubricant, and the perils of macular pucker!
-- HW-101 saved from cannibalism!
-- The Wonders of WSPR and our need for instant feedback and gratification.

-- QST Review of SolderSmoke, The Book.

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  1. The old Southern plantation park/monument looks lovely. Good show as usual.

  2. Regarding the RBN measurement comparison that was done at two power levels... The results are in dB, which are logarithmic values, so it is not valid to average them. You'd have to convert to linear values first, then average the linear values, then convert back to dB.

  3. PTFE Spray (dry lubricant), your telescope will glide the heavens. Nemesis of anything that squeaks or sticks when it shouldn't.
    Great show as always Bill, thanks.


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