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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Peter Parker's Video on SP5AHT's Phasing Receiver

There are so many very cool aspects of this project:  I love the phasing receiver arrangement -- it uses the same basic concept that allows my old HT-37 to generate SSB (I struggled to understand it as a kid, and finally succeeded!).   The use of the mobile phone as an audio spectrum analyzer is wonderful.  The N3ZI signal generator looks a lot like the DDS project I was working on (I should have bought N3ZI's! ).  I've been seeing these square pattern PC boards in many projects lately -- I may try this in my next project.  And of course, it is very cool to see a circuit designed in Poland being put to use by a fellow radio amateur in Australia -- a good example of the International Brotherhood of Electronic Wizards!

Here is the page for the SP5AHT rig that inspired Peter:

It is in Polish, but Google should translate it, and, in any case, we all speak Schematic!

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  1. Thanks for your kind words Bill.

    SP5AHT is a prolific designer and has developed both filter and phasing rigs.

    The one in your link is his filter method rig. His phasing rig that inspired me is described at

    I made changes that simplified it and avoid the need to wind big audio inductors. More details on a slightly improved version to appear in a future Sprat.

    73, Peter VK3YE

  2. This design is not new, SP5AHT copied it from the Russians.

    Link to similar transceiver

  3. Brilliant! Performance per part is impressive.

    I installed FrequenSee on my phone while watching the first video, and my spectra looked just like Peter's. Very cool, thanks Peter and Bill!

  4. Looks like a design by Polyakov...

  5. More information can be found in the book by Polyakov

    NOTE: The book is in Russian


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