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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hamfest Presentation on SolderSmoke and BITX (Video)

The Vienna Wireless Society of Northern Virginia asked me to give a talk at their 23 Feb 2014 hamfest.  I spoke about homebrewing and the BITX transceivers.  Click on the link below to watch the video.  (Special thanks to Elisa for doing the video.)


The Powerpoint slides are here:


For those who just want to listen podcast style,  I will try to turn the audio into a podcast and will post it via the normal channels. 

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  1. Bill: that was a very informative presentation and the hands on, show and tell was priceless. Congrats to VWS for hosting you! This ham fest is an attaction for us qrp'ers...73 de chas ai4ot

  2. Hey Bill, was interested in seeing your video/presentation, but I'm getting an error message that due to bandwidth issues, downloads have been disabled. Cursed by your own success!

  3. Bill,
    You mentioned W1REX also spoke. Do you have a link to his video? Did he do a video?
    Mahalo and 73,


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