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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Links Fixed, Podcast Version of Hamfest Presentation

Armand, WA1UQO, with BITX 17
Using Dropbox to post the video of my BITX presentation at the hamfest didn't work out too well, so I put it on Vimeo:


The slideshow is here: http://soldersmoke.com/winterfest.pptx

I stripped out the audio for those who would like to dispense with the video.

Audio only is here: 



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  1. Nice BITX in the box!

  2. I watched your presentation at work last night Bill. You did a great job in explaining the BITX. Now you have me interested in building a BITX. I will probably start with a 40 meter rig.

    Al, N8WQ

  3. Fine presentation Bill, enjoyed it. Keep up the good work, many thanks.


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