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Sunday, March 30, 2014

First Contact with Herring Aid 5 AND Tuna Tin 2

Ah, it was a good morning in the N2CQR shack!  Last week I ran into fellow ham David Cowhig at work.   I was regaling him with tales of Herring Aid and Tuna Tin derring-do.  Oh the stations I had heard with the receiver!  And the stations that I'd worked with the transmitter!   Then David asked the question: "Yea, but have you worked anybody with the receiver paired up with the transmitter?"  Uh, no.  Not yet. 
Well this morning I took care of that.  7040 kc.   1115 UTC.  W4ELP was calling CQ.  He wasn't too strong, and I wasn't sure if we were on the same side of zero beat (that's what happens with direct conversion -- you get all the sigs in two places on the dial) but I took a shot at it.  And he heard me! 
Here's the icing on the cake:  This was his SECOND QSO with my Tuna Tin 2!  Ed had been contact #4 when I was running the TT2 with the Drake 2B.   After exchanging reports he asked "Bill ARE YOU STILL ON THE TUNA TIN?" 
The rig (TX AND RX) is pictured above.   Close-up of the receiver appears below.  And below that is a picture of Ed, W4ELP, in his Georgia shack.  Note the HW-8.
Thanks Ed! Thanks David!

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