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Sunday, March 23, 2014

VU2JN's "Transistor Transmitter from India"


VU2INJ's very interesting blog led me to a wonderful 1967 QST article by VU2JN.  Check it out.  Necessity truly is the mother of invention and -- as is the case with our beloved BITX -- we see that in the design of this transmitter.  I love how the speaker was left in the cabinet and used as the microphone.  Check it out:


More on VU2JN (who very clearly merits "Homebrew Hero" status):


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  1. IN the sixties, and early seventies, there was a string of articles in QST and 73 from Indian hams, at least I think they were from ore than VU2JN.

    At the time, there were high tariffs on electronic parts, so they had to make do, often getting by because visiting hams had left parts. They seemed to keep up with current trends, QST and maybe other magazines available at the library (often I gather because someone from overseas had paid for a subscription), but had to make do to implement them.

    So some of the articles were a quite different interpretation of what we'd already seen. Or the article in QST in 1972 I think, about making a receiver stable when the line voltage as highly variable, and listening to CW with really low tones (for reasons I forget, but which had some advantage as detailed in the article).

    The thing about making do, or innovation, is that breaking away from "following the article" is the key thing, once that's done, the specific solution may be less important.

    The thing was, those articles from India were interesting reading.

    Michael VE2BVW


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