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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Harv's DDS Function Generator

Nice looking DDS function generator Harv!  Glad to see the HT-37 in the background. (And it appears well protected -- is that some sort of digital shielding to protect it from the bits and bytes?) The eraser buttons are a nice touch. Good luck with the Minima!

Hi Bill,
Well I have nearly completed my DDS Function Generator as I prepare to construct the Minima.
The Function Generator was a necessity for the bench so I can tackle Tweaking and Troubleshooting my work.
It is housed an aluminum box and completely self-contained.
My objective was to have the choice, to either lay the unit flat on the work surface or stand it on a shelf for easy reading while seated.
The Generator has both a  DDS and HF-ECG output.
The buttons are fashioned from White Pencil Erasers since finding proper buttons for the membrane keypad beneath was difficult.
I have obtained a set of Farhan’s Boards for the Minima but will begin my effort with a Manhattan Style Construction so I can perfect my choice of parts.
The soldering iron is heating and I’m ready for a new and exciting challenge.
Happy Solder Melting Everyone!
Harv -=WA3EIB=-
Albq., NM.

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