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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Confucian Wisdom from VU2BK in Hyderabad

I'm not a big collector of QSL cards, but this one has been kicking around in boxes and on various hamshack walls for more than 20 years.  I like the bit of Confucian wisdom that arrived in Santo Domingo all the way from Hyderabad.  I was running my trusty HT-37 and Drake 2-B.  Anyone know OM Kab, VU2BK?

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  1. Hi Bill

    I worked VU2BK on 20 CW back in the late 70's or early 80's, sorry don't have the log.
    I was using an indoor 20 meter dipole antenna on the fourth floor of my condo in Evanston, Il.
    Rig Kenwood TS 820 & small amp, about
    400W out. With that much RF nearby
    I'm lucky to remember the QSO.

    Thanks for the great blog, have been
    reading it for over a year now.

    Jim, AB9CN ex WA9JBA & WN9JBA
    sporadically since 1963.

  2. Shalom Bill,

    I had a few QSO's with Kab, VU2BK, on 15 M AM phone back in 1960.

    He was running 18 watts to a 1625 final, and my home-built rig used an 807 (60 watts input) modulated by p-p 1614's (a beefed-up 6L6).

    He has been a SK for some years now, but his son Zal (VU2DK) is very active and we have had several QSO's.

    I really enjoyed your book, and also your blog.


    Shlomo, 4X4LF


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