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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Wrote Another Book

This one is not about radio or electronics, but over the years many SolderSmoke listeners have written in saying that they liked the opening "travelogue" portion of the podcast.   This book may appeal to them.  It might also be of interest to spouses who've been hearing about these "soldersmoke people."  This would be, I think, a good "beach book." 

The title is:  "Us and Them -- An American Family Spends Ten Years with Foreigners"

 Here's the description:

What happens if you take an American family and send them to Europe for ten years? In the summer of 2000, Bill and Elisa Meara, accompanied by 2 year-old Billy and 4 month-old Maria, left their home in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and moved to the Azores. There they experienced the highs and lows of diplomatic life on a small distant island. After three years in the Azores, they spent four years London and three years in Rome. Overseas they lived in two houses and two apartments, went to five schools, used four different health care systems, experienced one earthquake, 9-11, the terrorist attack on London, tea with the Queen, the election of Barack Obama… and all the ordinary things that families go through. They lived mostly with the locals, learned Portuguese, Italian, and a bit of Cockney, and made many friends (foreign friends!) They returned to the United States in 2010 with a changed view of the world. This is their story.

In print form is available from Amazon and from Lulu:


LULU: http://www.lulu.com/shop/bill-meara/us-and-them-an-american-family/paperback/product-21687240.html

And it is available in e-book form from

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