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Saturday, June 21, 2014

SolderSmoke Podcast #162: Part II with Pete Juliano, N6QW

SolderSmoke 162 is now available at  http://soldersmoke.com/soldersmoke162.mp3
June 21, 2014
Part II of our interview with Pete Juliano, N6QW
-- Bill's Moxon Monstrosity
-- Amplifiers and Exorcisms (See slideshow link below)
-- Varactor tuning
-- Polivaricon capacitors
-- The challenge of building small rigs
-- Heat, layout, components and VFO stability
-- "No frills" as a building philosophy
-- The future of Bill's Heathkit HW-101    
We still have a lot more to talk about.  Stay tuned for Part III!

Slideshow of Pete's RF Amplifiers: 

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  1. Nice podcast again Pete and Bill, really enjoyed it. And thanks for passing along some of my hurdles and questions! Lots of fun to listen to on a Saturday.
    - Bert WF7I

  2. Really enjoyed the podcast. I figured your listeners might enjoy my video on varactors after listening to this episode:

  3. Bill,
    Just another success story for the International Brotherhood of Electronic Wizards.
    About a month and a half ago my wife and I were on a cruise and our relatively new Nikon DSLR camera took a bit of a tumble after a particularly strong wind gust that blew the tripod over. I was immediately sick. I got home and got a quote from Nikon to repair the camera. They wanted $300 to repair it. This gave me the guts needed to open a sensitive electronic device like a DSLR camera. Turns out the only thing wrong with it was a ribbon cable that had jumped out of it's connector on the main board of the camera and needed to be plugged back in.
    I told my wife I fixed it, and she could not believe it. I said "this is what happens when you tell a member of the International Brotherhood of Electronic Wizards that something will cost $300 to fix!".

    AE5CP - Billy Hyatt

  4. Pete's slide deck has gone AWOL. Any chance it can be found for us without the knack? Thanks in advance.

    VA3TYB - Terry Bondy


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