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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

M0XPD Goes 3D with Boxed BITX with Digi-Hinge!

Paul, MOXPD, has put his BITX-based rig in a proper box.  In spite of his recent collaboration with famed miniturizer Pete Juliano, Paul used a BIG box.  It is not quite milk carton size, but it is getting there. Well done Paul.   I really like the way Paul kept the digital and analog elements in different dimensions.  The digi bit is sort of floating above the main analog board (almost in a "cloud"!).  In SolderSmoke 163 Pete Juliano mentioned a downside of this kind of stacking:  it makes it hard to get to the main board.  Paul ingeniously solved this problem by putting the digital board on a hinge.  Excellent.  This will prevent you from becoming "unhinged" when the time comes to fix or modify the main board.    

Here are all the details on Paul's project: 

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