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Saturday, July 26, 2014

SolderSmoke Podcast #163 Pete Juliano! Tribal Knowledge Part 3 "Sideband Sidecars"

Crystal Filters built by WA7MLH

SolderSmoke Podcast #163 is available: 


Saturday July 26, 2014

Part III with Pete Juliano:  Tribal Knowledge -- Sideband Sidecars

-- Moxon Update "A Thing of Beauty"
-- Pete is Building Peter Parker's Knobless Wonder
-- Ladder Filters
--Construction Practices for SSB rigs
-- Essential Test Gear
-- Junk Box development and parts storage

Next time:  Tubes, Valves, Termatrons, Firebottles. 

Thanks to Bob Crane and the FDIM musicians for this episode's musical opening. 

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  1. Bill,
    Great podcast!
    Do you know any information about the plated thru hole boards that Pete referred to in the podcast that he uses for building audio blocks?
    Dale K9NN

  2. Bill,

    Have any pictures of your resistor and capacitor boards?

    -Ben KC9DLM

  3. Bill,
    Great podcast. Great insight into tribal knowledge that isn't easy to get from websites. The stuff on xtal filters, test gear and junk box was invaluable.
    David M0GUJ
    Dorset, UK

  4. Great podcast Bill. Really enjoy Pete's enthusiasm and sense of humour. Very entertaining series with Pete involved, hope he becomes a regular guest.


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