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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Moxon Aloft!

We put it up on the roof this afternoon.  I think it looks great!   The neighbors have not yet risen up in opposition to the new skyhook.   My family thinks it cool that I can spin it around.   I have it pointed at Europe and I notice a big difference.  I've worked F5LIW, OT4A, YL2BJ,  F5BBD.  Lots of fun. 

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  1. Of course Bill, the neighbours will not see it as the thing of great beauty that we know it is.

  2. That chimney is a great skyhook for a sloper or inverted delta loop! Perhaps even a horizontal loop over the parameter of the yard...



  3. Bill, how is it fixed to the roof. Some more photos required please?

    73 Nigel M0NDE

  4. Rogier: I thought about building a tilt-over mast, but that would have been complicated and difficult.

    Nigel: It is fixed to the roof with 9 wood screws at the base of the tripod. Scroll down to the picture of the tripod and you will see where the screws go.

  5. Tony: "A thing of beauty" is a phrase that hams often seem to mutter when their beam antenna is put in place. John, EI7BA, used that phrase. I agree. But it is definitely "in the eye of the beholder." 73 Bill

  6. Bill this looks like a suspended Rhombic of sorts I can't make out the feed point clearly or what you have opposite. I would suggest however that at that height you would be getting rather a lot of interference from the metalic parts of the antenna and from the roof . Nice job though and thanks for posting


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