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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Drake-uino! Arduino DDS puts Drake 2B on 12 meter band!

After using the Arduino DDS as a crystal substitute with my 1982 Barebones Superhet recevier (scroll down), I moved back two more decades and used the DDS as a crystal substitute to put my (early '60s) Drake 2B on the 12 meter band.    This was a hack in which I actually used a hack saw -- I used it to cut open the container holding a crystal so that I could make a socket that would carry the signal from the Arduino DDS into the Drake 2B. 

This video is a bit repetitive, but it stated out at two different videos.  I just put them together.  The last part shows the actual crystal socket hack. 

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  1. Absolutely outstanding, Bill! Bravo.

    Pete N6QW

  2. Just wondering if the DDS would be stable enough to use in an older xtal VHF/UHF rig? times 6 and times 24 multipiers.

  3. Was a bit terrified when you picked up a hacksaw and aimed it in the direction of the 2B. It made me think of those terrible reality TV shows about botched plastic surgery. Glad to see it worked out better, and you got some nice DX...

  4. Does this mean we should be expecting a 12 meter transmitter project soon?


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