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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pete's 17 Meter VXO Transceiver (Video)


I like it!  You and I may be the only people in the world with that kind of VXO range control switch on the front panel!
I checked my VXO.   I run it at around 23 MHz.  I use two single crystals, also switched by a relay. 
The 23.144 rock tunes from 23.127 to 23.151    24 kHz
The 23.166 rock goes from  23.144 to 23.168    24 kHz
 So I could have had 48 kHz were it not for the overlap.  As it is, I get 41 kHz.  Not bad.
The reason I went with this LO freq was that I had these crystals from the Dale Parfitt/Doug DeMaw Barebones Barbados Receiver.  DeMaw had used color burst rocks for a 3.579 MHz IF, but Dale shifted up to 5 MHz. I could occasionally hear WWV!  (But with the 3.579 I heard W1AW in the IF!)

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